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So Scary it's... STILL... Scary!

This Summer the sequel NOBODY DEMANDED comes to a website near you! When we last left the Summer of Horror, we conquered 2006 with the help of every entry into THE OMEN series as well as some of the best and worst horror films ever made from the 1920s to 2006 itself. Now, the Summer of Horror returns with a new CHILLING HEAT WAVE! The 2009 Summer of Horror starts on 6.6.9 with Exorcist II: The Heretic, crawls to your aid with Phenomena, sucks away your life like a Parasite, blasts out at you with Jaws 3-D, gives you a red-letter-day triplicate with Graduation Day, Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine which may cause you to hide Beyond the Door, especially as you know that the Horror of Dracula and Bram Stoker's Dracula are wanting to get in to your House for a little Lights, Camera, Dead action to prepare you for your Future-Kill as well as your rides in The Car and The Hearse that might drive you to Dial 'M' for Murder because you're suffering from Vertigo due to those Evils of the Night that offer up Blood for Dracula and all the other Vampyres and Pigs alike all of which suck almost as much as some Attack of the Giant Leeches all of whom are Dressed to Kill like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (who is a real Bruiser), just ask the Aliens or the Creature from the Haunted Sea who just might take you to the Planet of the Vampires to experience The Haunting that will exceed anything you might expect from Amityville 4 or even La Casa 4 whose Burnt Offerings can scarcely prepare you for La Casa 5 but just might get you ready to say "Let's Scare Jessica to Death!" during your next visit to District 9 for even more of The Haunting, or maybe you'll just say "Happy Birthday to Me!" instead and let the Summer of Horror introduce you to The Legend of Hell House for a real Stir of Echoes before it tells you the Second Story of House II after which you'll be asking for The Sentinel to protect you from Halloween II and Terror Train, which serves no Popcorn even to Frankenstein, The Mummy or Lady Frankenstein in the Dead of Night, embanked in The Fog for a real Night of the Creeps during which you will need The Shining parts of the Summer of Horror which slouches forward toward its monstrous end on 9.9.9 with the possession of Exorcist III, the haunt of Poltergeist and the penultimate nightmare of... THE EXORCIST... that is if there can ever truly be an end to this madness! Don't miss THE SUMMER OF HORROR II: THE ARMAGEDDON!

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The Summer of Horror 6.6.9 - 9.9.9
Collected and Reviewed by J.C. Mašek III
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