SS Experiment Camp (1976)
AKA: Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur (Original Italian Title)
AKA: O Campo Nazi do Amor (Portuguese Title)
AKA: Captive Women II: Orgies of the Damned (English Cash-In Title)
AKA: S.S. Experiment (USA DVD Title)
AKA: SS Experiment Camp (UK Video Nasty Title)
AKA: SS Experiment Love Camp (International English Title)
(Release Date: 1976)
(DVD Release Date: January 25, 2005 [Jef Films])
(DVD Release Date: July 12, 2005 [Exploitation Digital])


As if we needed more reasons to HATE NAZIS!

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Not all of the movies on the Video Nasty List were banned specifically for the content found on the magnetic tape itself. Some were investigated based on controversy alone, often due to their VHS Cover Art. One of the more noteworthy examples of this is 1979's The Driller Killer whose shocking art cover featured a man being drilled through the forehead (which looks like... it would hurt). Another example is this one Lager SSadis Kastrat Kommandantur, or as it was known (and banned) in England SS Experiment Camp.
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Fuck... I REALLY hate Nazis!

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The cover art (also represented here) depicted a topless woman hung upside down with a swastika hanging from her arm as a Nazi Soldier with an Evil Look watches her. Nude Upside down cruciform for the pleasure of one really yucky Arian dweeb. Yep... That's pretty damned Nasty! However, that's just about the nastiest thing about this video! Now, don't get me wrong, any movie that features Nazis Getting Laid is one big, greasy bowl of horse crap. Who the hell thinks of this crap? What's more, the movie also features enough of the BBFC no-nos to be considered "obscene". However, it's interesting to note that this movie, for all its content, seems to work toward avoiding being offensive on really deep levels. It fails in this attempt, of course! After all, this is a Video Nasty about Nazis Getting Laid! In light of this, the movie comes off as a complete joke. An offensive joke, but a joke nonetheless.

Here we're given your standard bullshit Nazi camp where beautiful naked women (like Paola Corazzi's Mirelle) are forced into sex with Nazis. Where director Sergio Garrone (who wrote this mess with Sergio Chiusi and Vinicio Marinucci) tries to differentiate this depravity-infused trash fest from complete and total morally destitute hogwash like Gestapo's Last Orgy is that he works hard on making this whole ordeal seem to be not all that perilous or torturous an experience for the prisoners. He makes the Nazi Soldiers (particularly Mircha Carven's Helmut Gruber) out to be handsome, reluctant warriors who are sensitive to the fact that they are being made to have sex with prisoners of war. What's more, he shows that these vulnerable Third Reichers are so charming that the women fall in love with them(!) and they fall in love right back(!!!). Helmut even gives sad-eyed soliloquies about how he opposes these inhuman experiments being done against the will of the women.

Any direct mention of anti-Semitism is erased from the script. There's plenty of talk about "the great race" and all that bullshit (fuck, I hate Nazis) and the purification of the Arian Bloodline (fuck, fuck, fuck, I hate Nazis), but never is the word "Jew" uttered, nor is any directly anti-Semitic commentary made. Instead, each of the women is referred to as a "political prisoner". What the hell this means is that, in the warped mind of the writers, the audience is given someone to identify with who... isn't that bad.

But that's just one subplot. Looking at the rest of this film you see where the offense and the video-nastiness comes in. On Helmut's side there is the regretful Dr. Steiner (Attilio Dottesio), who has been made to perform hideous experiments and laments every patient he has lost. On the flip side of him is the sadistic Nazi Sergeant (Serafino Profumo) and the mean-spirited lesbian Dr. Renke (Patrizia Melega), who takes a special liking to one of the prisoners. It's not fully known, at first, which side Colonel von Kleiben falls into. He's shown as being an unrelenting pusher of the experiments, but is also shown in tears concerning some of his exploits. That is... until we find out he's only trying to get his balls back. Literally. Hence the transplantation experiments.

The unholy trio of the colonel, the commandant and the female doctor produces all of the truly nasty moments in the film. This includes scenes of bloody surgery on beautiful naked women; a beautiful naked woman in a water tank, first heated, then frozen; Scenes of Beautiful naked women in cremators (already dead, but still); nude whippings; rapes; sexual bribery; a scene of surgical castration and, of course, the scene that inspired the now infamous cover art. The taboo mixture of violence with titillation is more than overstepped here. In short, if we're following the rules set by the Obscene Publications Act, this one more than qualifies.

Plus... it features Nazis getting Laid. I hate that.

At the same time, Garrone never seems to be making apologies for or be sympathetic to the Nazis. This is only one of many completely inconsistent aspects to SS Experiment Camp. It just doesn't add up. In fact, Garrone's attempts to make SS Experiment Camp less offensive might actually make this film more so for some viewers, as they may interpret that by making a Nazi Soldier a nice enough guy, the writers may be lessening the impact of what the Nazis really were. Even though there are some satisfying moments of revenge here, one must wonder, is it worth seeing someone get the business when one has to watch him deserve it too? The lengths taken leading up to the finale are hard to watch, more so than the similarly themed Love Camp 7, even. And this one, unlike Love Camp 7, this one has man ass! That said, it seems that for some the milquetoast attempts made by Garrone and company to make SS Experiment Camp less offensive actually worked. The BBFC allowed this film to be released uncut (albeit with different cover art) in 2005. Meanwhile, Love Camp 7 is still banned, as is Gestapo's Last Orgy which is, well, vastly nastier than both of these crappy films put together.

But it's all trash, calculated to shock, disgust, excite and titillate... in short, it's exploitation garbage. Take away the edgy parts of this and you've still got a bad movie hardly worth the time it takes to watch, beautiful naked women or no beautiful naked women. Folks, let me say this loud and clear... beautiful naked women deserve better than to be in bullshit like this.

If this turd wasn't so offensive, it would actually be funny. The English Dub features cartoon-sounding voice actors making the men sound like your typical jock-stud dumbass in any quickly canceled Saturday Morning attempt. The Female voices are almost as funny. Upon arriving to a Nazi Concentration Camp, they're told to disrobe and shower, which they do, making all kinds of orgasmic sounds. Ladies... this is a bad thing! Then, when she's told to have sex with Helmut, Mirelle says "They didn't have to drug me for this!" Man! Garbage Flick! What is this supposed to say to a viewer? "It's okay, they liked it?" What shit.

What sort of tiny rod does it take for someone to have to overcompensate by making a movie like this? Or, should I say... a DOG like this? What a surprise that a Nazisploitation flick with this kind of content gets the big No-Star Dog! Trust me, this is a piece of fucking lame piece of fucking shit! It's calculated to offend and packs the rest with mediocre soft-core porn. Why not just leave out the Nazi Crap and just feature the women? Missed opportunities, Sergio... That's why your best known flick aside from this one is... SS Camp 5: Women's Hell! Diverse resume there, dude.

See you in the next reel.

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