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Operation: Sci-Fall
An Autumnal Festival of the Fantastical!

Cut to the CHASE!
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Identity. Crisis!

Set Phasers on... FUN!

Operation: Sci-Fall is out of this CHEESY world!!!
BEAM Into the Sci Fall with The Final Executioner's hottie hunters to start with! Then don't miss the battle for the Empire in
The Original Star Wars!
The time is right to fly into adventure with Hollywoodland! See the END of the World as only Kiwis could tell it with
The Quiet Earth!
Celebrate Sci-Fall October's Borg Fest, starting with
Hellraiser: Bloodline!
Then sprawl on the floor with LovecraCked: The Movie!
Enjoy some Corn in Space with our Friday the 13th Entry Jason X! Fight the Future with... uh... well,
The X Files: Fight the Future!
Meet "The Borg" in Star Trek: The Next Generation
Episode 41: "Q Who?"
Journey into the decoratively Fantastic with
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Explore the Great Uncle of "The Borg" in
Doctor Who Episode 19: "Rise of the Cybermen"!
Get back to Borgland and learn the real KEY to Assimilation in Star Trek: The Next Generation
Episodes 73 & 74: "The Best of Both Worlds"!
Say "What's Up, Sucker?" to The Black Hole! Assimilate something HOT with Star Trek: Voyager
Episodes 68 & 69: "Scorpion"!
Thrive on THE BORG in their coolest (and Biggest) appearance in Star Trek: First Contact (1996)!Celebrate Halloween Day 2006 with a weird-ass Sci-Fi entry into the Michael Myers series: Halloween III: Season of the Witch... or, rather, don't!
Celebrate the Super with Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut. You can EAT prison UP with Cube 2: Hypercube.
Look... up in the sky... it's... a HOTTIE! It's... Supergirl! Stranger Than Fiction is like Frosted Mini-Wheats. High-Minded Dramedy for the Adult in you... Fantasy for the Kid in you!
Get all Funky with the Monkey Planet Spunky Future of
Time of the Apes!
From Brass Monkeys to the Chrome Copper, Now On Line,
Now On Duty... RoboCop, Part Man, Part Machine, ALL COP!
The Future of Law Enforcement!
The 2006 CHRISTMAS TURKEY is here in the form of the 1964 Sci-Fi
Anti-Classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!
Try not to Choke!
All Cheesy things must come to an end! Time to BEAM out of the Sci Fall with Bronx Executioner's hottie huntress with the Killer Body to end things in style!
Yes... Yes, I'm talking about Sweet, Sweet Margi!
Outer Space
Heroes, Villains
and Flights
Of Fantasy!
Time Travelers
And Dystopian Futures!
TV Sci-Fi!
Sci-Fi Lit!

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Operation: Sci-Fall 2006
Collected and reviewed by J.C. Mašek III
who is solely responsible for the content of this site,
But not for any Invasion Dangers!!!
Rumors that I sold our people out to Martian Marauders have been GREATLY exaggerated!
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