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Time For New Blood!

Corpses Are Forever
This si a rip-r0rin' farse that does joke about Jams bond. I thout it was reel skaree.

Batman & Robin
The bast Batman was this one. And Geroge Cluny is in it whoo just one an oscare. It mad lots of scents, I thougt and it was the easies to undersand for me. Teh jokes were funny too!

Christmas Evil
Christmash is rel cool because yo get to get los of presents from most of you're famly. This moovie is like a presint to peeple whoo like things that are scary, and whoo like christmas as wel.

This won was a litle bid over my head, butt it was rely neat, like wen that one dood put on thoze Terminader glasses and said that won funny things. I like funny thing.

The Devil's Rain
At last a villen we can all take serioys. Ernst Borg9 is so scaree in this moovy, i plumm forget i wached this for that gi from Basic, witch I like 2, butt I coudn't tel wich on he was thoug.

Crossing the Bridge
i relly did conect with this moovy. it was neat when all the little peeces did that thing at the end. I fellow sleep during the middule, butt I thing I got it most of it thouh.

I dont knoww why Reace Whith her spoon didn't win her Acadimy aweird for this moove instead of Walker Lyne. this was funny and had a lot of. i likt it.

Hell of the Living Dead!
This is a docoomintry about a litdle vilige on some island. I dont think they had to show that one ladys boobys to be good tho.

House of 1000 Corpses
I havent laughed this hard since mom got me that Alan Havey tape. That 1 girl whoo kept giggling had the right idea. Neat-o.

I, Zombie: A Chronicle of Pain
If u lyke moovys about xombis and stuff, thius is pretty cule becuse you can see what its like to like a zombie man. I am thinkink of becoming won now.

King Kong Lives
You can ferget that new verzyun that all those peeple are talkink abowt. This is the King to watch for you'reself because it's so exsiting. It's also cost les than that othe won two. And also, you know whatt It's a love story, so you might be able to get a girl to wach it with u.

Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Evin thou I thin they got the hole idea for this moovy from that house of 100000 Corpses, or whatever, this won is still pretdy good, I think, and it is also reel clever, but itz a lot scary in one piece of it.

nobody's ever had this kind of ideea befor. Thiz movie actually has an endin tha you can't think of. Butt its not 4 peeple whoo dot'n like moovys that are scarish.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
This is also like A House of a thousand island, and I was scared, and I had some nightmares and so I slept late and I mised cherch the next day too. I think that all thees moovies are about the same thing but are good so the guys whoo made thim must all be pals.

Zombi 2
Some of this is rel hard to understand, but its cool to watch when that zombie thing happens. I didn't see the first won, so I thing thats why I didnt get a lot of it, but i watched the others and they wer cool.

Zombi 3
kin od like the Return of the Jedie, this moovy has forest seenes and it does also have a lod of things that just do jump out at you. And I also just realisd that this is the third won of the seereis just like the Return of the Jedie was so thay might be related

Zombie 4
Ther were so many things i didnt get in the secont and the thurd ones that I was rel hapy that they made a Part for. Part For was good to, but I had to watch part five to relly get what these were olla bout.

Zombie 5
well I am not sceneing how the moovis are relly won story or anythink, butt I relly liked this one also too. Its my favorrite. I wonder wy nobuddy made a scarry moovy about birds befour? Ths is goot.

Rite after this woin came out there was this othur moovie called the Ring that was just like it. Dont wach the Ring, woch Fear Dot Com, becayse this on is much more scarry and also more cool. I also do likke that wbsite that they went on, and i want to wach that site to.

I dont ever git wy so many peeple like David Linch. Too me his best moovie was Dune witch is his best moovie. I get exsited wen it coms on the supersation TBS on Saterdays becayes it's soo good. I kinda thing the werms are gross tho, and I think that he got his idea from that fat boys song.

Vemon is a lod likke th fifth part of Zombi 2 becays it is mostly sed it Looweezianer. I wanted thim to do like a crosh over or something but they dod not. It was gool still thoug.

The Third Society
I din't see the first twoo of theese ither, butt I din't have much troble folowing this thou. Ther was also that part about the Hilicopter ride part.

Taking Lives

Predator 2
YUo Can't excape the alien guy in this moovy. He has a lod of weepins and he also has a piggy face that can scarr you to. I liked its take on how live mite be likke in 1997, even thog thay got some parts of it wong, like the haircuts and stuff.

The Last House on the Left
Thay shoold have showd those twoo cops thay had in this moovy a little mor than thy did because the cops were real funy i thoght. And I didn't unserstand what that one lady or the other lady was doing at the verry end, but the movie is won of my faverites because of

House of Wax
i cnat ever goe to Hot Spriings with my uncle anymor becayse of this moovy. They're theey have all thes waz museums, butt I can't go to thim becaus they now do freek me owt. I also thoug that this moovie was a lot like the house of 000 corps, and so I think there in the same nayborhood or like that or something.

Fatal Justice
house of wags was also in lawesiannar, and so was onother moovie I liked on this sight or twoo, whioch is wher that nayborhood is. Butt evin if i can't remenbr wich won it was, i do no that the Fatal Justice moovy is in lowestianner becose of the part wher thay show that sign.

I don't like Plump Fixion becayse I dotn' really like the musik, butt i don't haff to relly becaus this won is the same peeple and the music is different and i like to see those kinds ov moovs

Amityville 3D
All of thees movoes are kind of cool because they are diffrent evyr time out. like in this won theres the one part that they stole from the ring, which the ring stole from fearDot com, which is gud. I havet o go to the bathroom, hank on.

Amityville 2
Oakay, iam back. anyways there is another matyville moovie that is nice and it is the second won but it is not in 3d like the first one is but it does have that scary looking thing in it and one person who has a gunn, and I think that this is a relijious moovie becayse in the credits they call that gun "Moses" I thing/

The Amityville Horror
I gues they neated to tie up some looze ends in the part two because thay whaited a wile, but then they shode us this next moovie which thay tells us about it was some Indian Curse kindof like the Shining, which I didn't understand.

Agter I wached this won I went and I told the hole thing to my social studies teacher at the comunity colege I goe too and he saed that it wasn't the right won, but I did my paper on it anywae and he only counted of four speling, so I gess the guy hoo didn't this got got it right. butt the reall reasin for wotching this is becase it has so minnie of the good actors in the leeds.

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