Sorority Boys

[19 March 2002 (premiere)]

Three Stars... well, they're not STARS, exactly!Three Stars... well, they're not STARS, exactly!Three Stars... well, they're not STARS, exactly!

Michael Rosenbaum is HOT!

J.C. Mašek III... 

Queen of ALL MEDIA... just kidding!!
J.C. Mašek III
The World's Greatest Critic!
Those of you who have been here before realize I am not anywhere close to being gay (except while Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is on) but Michael Rosenbaum (you know him as Lex Luthor from Smallville) makes a really good looking woman!

Sorority Boys is about 20% Tootsie, 30% Animal House, 30% Lame Plug for then WB Stars Rosenbaum and Barry Watson (WB's Baskets Full of Puppies Romp Seventh Heaven), and 20 more percent Lame-Ass Missed Joke "Comedy" in the vein of Tomcats! You can check... it adds up!

Which is more than I can say for the Plot of Sorority Boys, unfortunately!

Cringe! EW! London, France!

Barry Watson plays Dave, a Senior in College with a Penchant for using women for sex and superficiality to excel in society. Dave heads the Social Committee (having only 2 other members, Adam (Rosenbaum) and Doofer (Rocketman's Harland Williams) for his Frat Kappa Omicron Kappa (KOK, get it?). Their Frat Parties already include Animal House Style debauchery, group sex, and misogyny, especially seen in the ejection of "Dogs" (members of the DOG Sorority... How clever!). The entire year is to culminate in a year end frat party with not only the current crop of idiots, but also the alumni (Including Dave's Dad... and some Animal House Alums). Dave, Adam, and Doofer are in charge of this water-bound Orgy as they are the Society Committee, and the holder of all the thousands of dollars the KOK Frat has collected for this shindig!

Naturally something goes wrong... in the form of the whiny Chapter President stealing all the cash to frame Doofer, Adam and Dave who are in REAL Control of the group! So the boys flee in the hope of preserving their lives just long enough to prove their innocence in the form of a porn tape that accidentally caught the whiny chapter Pres in the act of ripping off the dough!

Well, they do what any of us guys would do... they dress up like chicks! Yes! Who wouldn't want to prove your worthiness to rule the roost of a top notch Masculine Fraternity by shaving your legs, dressing like your sister and seducing the nerdiest of your frat brothers? I mean... besides me who wouldn't?

So predictably the three new transvestites are forced to join the DOGs to avoid homelessness. The DOGs are ironically led by a Fox named Leah (Melissa Sagemiller). Awkwardness and comedy both ensue (especially during some very hot shower scenes in which the near-blind Leah is fooled into believing that Dave is still a woman in spite of the fact that he's poking her in the Butt!)

Along the way Dave in REAL Life falls for Leah in REAL life, while Doofer learns how to relate to women, and Adam starts to realize how rough women have it with men like him around! Look honey, a movie AND Lessons.

I don't want to ruin this for everyone, because it's really not that bad (especially the aforementioned shower scene), but everything works out in the end, wrapped up in a cute little pink package!

The good in this movie includes the premise. Yeah, like I said, Dustin Hoffman did it first and he did it better (don't even mention Tony Freakin' Curtis, whiners!), but this particular film took time out to attempt to shatter the damaging image College Aged women are forced to live up to along with decrying the Misogyny therein! Too bad it was handled in a Three Stooges Go Gay style film! it was great to see both Stephen Furst and Mark Metcalf in something besides Sci-Fi makeup. Sort of a nod to Animal House albeit a slightly lame one! Also in the good category would be the Brief yet memorable nude scene in the shower. Leah is HOT! Further, Michael Rosenbaum makes the best looking woman since David Foley left the Kids in the Hall! Most of the real laughs are at the hands of Harland Williams' Doofer. He just can't get used to being a woman and talking to women... hearing any woman, even one as ass-ugly as Doofer claim to be addicted to Porn and Masturbation is either HOT or Hilarious! You decide! Lastly, there is some really hot "Lesbian" Kissing that you can enjoy if you don't realize that one of the Lesbians is actually Barry Watson! Really, all in all it's no that bad!

But in the bad category... the plot is a little thin, and you can't help feeling a little set up by the lame sub premises! Also, Michael Rosenbaum's Adam is consistently referred to as a fat chick. Get real! He looked really hot, and I felt really uncomfortable thinking so. The contrived way that EVERYTHING works out in the end just seems like more of Hollywood's postage stamp cookie cutter endings. I think we're all used to these by now though!

In short Sorority Boys isn't one of those films you should buy on DVD immediately, but passing an evening while watching it on cable can't be bad. It's better than PCU for heaven's sake!

You know what? Maybe we should all get this on DVD! Yeah! Let's collect these from now on! Check it out! This is actually the THIRD movie in which we see a Lex Luthor in Drag! It's true. Gene Hackman dressed in Drag in The Birdcage, Rosenbaum dressed as a woman in Sweet November, and now he reprises that same concept in Sorority Boys! I believe this could be the beginning of a Beautiful Subgenre! Hell, Terrence "General Zod" Stamp was in drag in the Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert! Looks like if you cross Clark Kent you wear Lavender Undies!

3 stars out of Five for Sorority Boys (out of 5)... FIVE Stars for the concept of Superman Villains dressing like Women! GIVE ME MORE OF THAT!

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Sorority Boys reviewed by J.C. Mašek III whose Dad will relaly be uncomfortable with his views!
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