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Review of The Simpsons: A Fish Called Selma!

Troy McClure... You may remember him from such scenes as...

Planet of the McClure!!!
Brace Yourself!
Troy's Off-Off-Off Broadway Comeback!
Not a Mop, Not a Puppet but ma-ha-han!
Two years before The Muppet Movie, Kermit and Miss Piggy starred opposite Troy McClure in 1977's The Muppets Go Medieval
The Leather Muppet!
Thy Dainty Hoof in Marriage!
Troy was quite a Heart Throb! WAS!!!
Hot Selma!
Cheaper than Beer Goggles!
Troy ends up at the DMV because he needs glasses! How bad are his eyes? This is how he sees Selma!
And why wouldn't they go see this?
Talk about Romance!
Because it's good for his career, Troy proposes Marriage to Selma at a drive through... just as his screen doppelganger proposes to Miss Piggy!
Smellin' of Troy!
The Apartment!
Troy shows Selma his apartment (modeled after the home in Body Double) featuring posters from films you may remember him from: My Darling Beefeater, Incident at Noon, Astro Heist Gemini 3!
Hopefully it'll pay off and he'll get his own fragrance: "Smellin' of Troy!"
Troy stars in the multi-million dollar musical version of Planet of the Apes, also starring "Doctor Zaius, Doctor Zaius, Doc-tor Zai-us, Doctor Zaius, Doctor Zaius, Doc-tor Zai-us, Doctor Zaius, Doctor Zaius, Oh-Oh-Oh Doctor Zaius... Doctor Zaius, Doctor Zaius!"
I LOVE YOU Dr. Zaius!
I Love You Doctor Zaius!
"Can I play the Piano Anymore?"
"Of Course You Can!"
"Well I couldn't before!"
Shitty, Shitty, Clang, Clang!
Mr. Troy's Wild Ride!
Troy McClure passed up the chance to play McBane's sidekick in, brace yourself, the new McBain picture to direct his dream project.
Will the gamble pay off? Twentieth Centrury Fox is betting... It Will!