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Sorry... and I won't!

These are indeed the Real Deal Holyfield!

As a left wing Pinko-Commie-Liberal myself (I'm reclaiming the term, sue me) I don't buy in to the whole "Liberal Bias" thing that conservatives always claim is consuming the media. However, the picture to the left here is just too delicious to pass up. This is an AP photo that I grabbed off of CNN.com during the 2004 Presidential Race between George W. Bush and John Kerry. This photo, taken during the GOP Convention, was accompanied by that very headline (untouched by me). The looks captured on these dudes' faces are sentiments exactly!
This one is an undeniable classic!
Stuffed shirt John Ashcroft is photographed in front of a fantastic statue of Lady Justice, who (although shirtless) definitely has the stuff!
What sells this one though is less the fact that Ashcroft was captured in front of "Naked Justice" here but the look on his face, coupled by the gestures the photographer caught funky Johnny in the middle of. It's like he's saying "Look at those TITS, man! They're incredible! Now that's what I call "Infinite Justice"!
Me too, John, me too!
Yeah, they're great, John!
Want some sausage with that?
Far be it from me to make fun of another California Transplant, especially one who could eviscerate me with a thumbnail in spite of the fact that he's twice my age, but... I gotta!
Stumping in San Diego, then-Gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger shakes hands, kisses babies and keeps talking about some Collie named "Fawnya". You know, Governor stuff. But right when the shutter clicked some bird's turd in the crowd chucked a raw egg at Arnold's squared shoulder! Guess somebody didn't dig Jingle All The Way!
As always, it's all about the facial expressions! Mr. Freeze's expression, of course, proves that he's blissfully unaware that he's getting a "Raw Deal" but check out the looks on the two Frat Boys' faces behind him. Can't you just read the "AW! DUDE, GRO-HO-HO-HOSS, MAN!"? I can!
I apologize for this one in advance.

I know, it happens, I know, it's embarrassing, I know, it's no fun, I know, because I've fallen off of my bike myself and it hurt. I know, I realize that. I've never ridden a Segway, I know, maybe they aren't easy. I get this!

But with all due respect to the President... I think this is fuckin' funny! I'm sorry!

This is worse than that Pretzel!!!
I'm usually down his PANTS!
Saddam: I would like to call my first witness, Mr. Handam Handsein!

Witness (in a high pitched whine): Saddam is completely innocent of all charges-

Judge: Mr. Hussein, isn't that just your hand?

Saddam: No! Outrageous! No! This is Insulting! No! Go ahead Mr. Handsein, I am sorry he interrupted you, s'awrite?

Witness (in a high pitched whine): S'awrite!

Judge: Your lips are moving!

You've been looking so long at these pictures of mine...
That you almost believe that they're real,
(because they are)!

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