Point Break (1991)

(Release Date: July 12, 1991)

This Movie is Off the HOOK!  It RULES

The Greatest Movie Ever Made!!!

And, Yes, I am just kidding!!!
J.C. Mašek III
The World's Greatest Critic!

I curse each and every year of my life that was lived without having seen this masterpiece of Modern Cinema!

After having witnessed this perfect vision of Presidential Satire, Extreme Sporting, and white knuckled mystery I have changed my entire outlook on life!

In fact, after looking at the Oscar Nominations from 1991, I am officially taken aback that Point Break was not nominated for anything! Even Keanu "Whoa" Reeves has raised the water mark for great acting in a thriller (William Shatner notwithstanding).

Each line of dialogue, each gratuitous booby shot, each bullet fired, and each bloodied nose fits together so perfectly, much like a fine Arthurian Tapestry to tell this story worthy not only of an Oscar (or nine) but of true legendary status.

Many will quote Citizen Kane, Gone With The Wind, My Left Foot, Caveman, or The Godfather as the best films of all time. For me, however, it is unquestionably Point Break!

If I may venture a guess I would state that in years to come audiences will rediscover Point Break, and will embrace it (much as they have rediscovered and embraced Jade starring David Caruso). In the future Point Break will be taught in film schools, and the script will be anthologized in College American Literature surveys. Swayze Hair will come back into style, and kids everywhere will go as FBI Agent Ben Harp to Halloween Parties from coast to coast.

One day, Brian DePalma will make all of his movies into homages to the great Point Break and all of us will see the socio-political ramifications of this brilliant gem of theater.

If you have not yet seen Point Break, do so. Run, do not walk to the finest video store in town, plunk down your $2.99 and be prepared to laugh, to cry, and to long for a sequel ("The Revenge of Bodhi" anyone?).

Point Break is a true American Artifact... now and forever! Thank you and God Bless!

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Though you would be hard pressed to read a review for a better movie than this Masterpiece!

Point Break reviewd by J.C. Mašek III who alone is responsible for his views, but is not at all responsible for any failure to detect Irony or Sarcasm!
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