My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)

(Release Date: July 21, 2006)



J.C. Maçek III
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In college I dated a woman who was also an English Lit major, so we shared most of the same classes. Things moved very fast at first and things went super-well until she revealed herself to be a complete psychopath. I ended that relationship, only to see every machination she had come down upon me in various meteor-shower ways. I'm not mentioning her first, middle or last name, because evidence points to her suing me as soon as she discovered a reason to do so. Man! I had no idea the HELL FURY this woman could wield when Scorned!

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But I'm wondering if I'd have dumped her if she'd been as hot as G-Girl, Uma Thurman's character from My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Or if she was as super-powerful. Call me a comic book geek (Michelle did yesterday), but the concept of super sex, especially while flying over New York City at Faster-Than-A-Speeding-Bullet velocity is one of those things I quite simply would place in the "Endearing" column! Actually, my friend Charlotte looks a lot like Uma, but I didn't date her. She wrecked my motorcycle, though. She's gay, so it wasn't for any revenge reason.

But I digress...

Luke Wilson is Matt Saunders, an unlucky-in-love New York Yuppie who spots one of those mousy-yet-hot librarian-looking chicks on the subway while "on the prowl" with ladies-man-in-his-own-mind buddy Vaughn Haige (geeky Rainn Wilson, no relation to Luke or Owen). Although at first she seems colder than naked toes on a winter morning, she warms up quick when Matt retrieves her stolen purse for her, so a-dating they shall go.

Meanwhile, the city is being protected by the super heroine G-Girl. She's got the power of Superman (or, rather, Supergirl), the outfit of a Joan Jett fan and a body that redefines "Girl of Steel"! Whew! They never really tell us what G-Girl stands for, but I'm thinking that G-String and G-Spot are in there somewhere. As Matt develops a relationship with the bespectacled hottie Jenny Johnson, he begins to notice the Lois Lane-like realizations such as Jenny's never being around when G-Girl is.

Ah, yes... but he doesn't realize that they both look a hell of a lot like Uma Thurman. Funny, that's usually the FIRST thing I notice.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that G-Girl and Jenny are the same chick... in fact, all it really takes is watching the preview or looking at the poster or... hell, reading the Title of this flick. Then again, the very title pretty much reveals that the relationship doesn't end well, so I'm spoiler-free, right?

Oui, Oui!

Like all heroines worth their sports bras (or would these be "Wonder Bras"?), G-Girl has a Super Villain arch-nemesis in the form of Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard, dressed like a man). Like all good villains, he's inexorably linked to G-Girl's past, and shares his evil hacienda with a gaggle of babbling henchmen. Like any good breakup story, there's also another woman in the shapely form of Hannah Lewis (cute little Anna Faris). Unlike most Super-Significant-Others, Matt has a bit of an arch-nemesis all his own, in the angry form of Matt and Hannah's boss Carla Dunkirk (Wanda Sykes)

Like that not-so-good chapter of mine own history, hell hath no fury like a Supergirl Scorned. It should be noted that the director of this film was, last time he checked, Ivan Reitman, director of both Ghostbusters movies and the writer was The Simpsons veteran Don Payne. Need I indicate that Hijinx insue? Probably not. This is most definitely a cheesy movie. In places it's sillier than even the intentionally over-the-top premise calls for. However, unlike recent Reitman misfires like Evolution and Six Days Seven Nights, My Super Ex-Girlfriend has a fun method to its madness and manages to work relatively well, at least in a popcorn kind of way.

To be fair, this is, in many ways, a spoof of superhero films and superhero themes. Much of the time the film has to pause to allow Reitman and Payne to fit a few square pegs into this primarily Romantic Comedy's round holes. Sometimes this works, sometimes this doesn't. I don't know about you folks, but I've always wanted to see a superpowered sex scene... No nudity, but it's funny all right, especially during the inversion of the iconic Superman and Lois flight sequence from Superman: The Movie! The twist on the Revenge Comedy (especially surrounding "THE BREAKUP" themes) is made greatly fun by the super-powered themes (a certain "Shark Scene" springs to mind and stays there). Unfortunately, the mixing of genres serves to work against Super Ex on occasion, especially when the completely outlandish concepts show up. Many of these can be excused because this is a Superhero flick. Many of these can't be, as they wouldn’t make sense in any film.

But man, is this ever fun! It is indeed. And man do Uma and Anna look hot in this film. It's safe to say that this is going to be fun for fans of this kind of super-spoof, but also fun for the Romantic Comedy crowd. As silly and cheesy as it is, there's still a strong female empowerment (or super-empowerment) theme that keeps the film going.

All in all, My Super Ex-Girlfriend isn't Ghostbusters, but it's not Kryptonite either. Are there better Superhero flicks out there? Sure! Are there better Romantic Comedies out there? Definitely. However, My Super Ex-Girlfriend balances both pretty well, making itself worthy of Three and One Half Stars out of Five. Now, I'm thinking crossover... maybe, G-Girl and Supergirl could meet up and wrestle... or, maybe marry... um... Nevermind. I'll keep it to myself. So until I'm eradiated by mystical energies that afford me super typing powers, I'll see you in the next reel... and I'll probably be late with my postings. Sigh... super sigh...

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