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Review of Adventures of Hercules!

One reason to watch this movie!

My favorite B-Movie Actress was just about the only reason to watch the crap fest known as Adventures of Hercules!
Plus she has an interesting connection with another cast... "member"!

Margi's Name up in Lights!
In Adventures of Hercules, Margi Newton gets her name up in lights. Wallpaper opportunity, guys!
Watch out for Kermit the Frog!
Luigi Cozzi introduces Margi's character in 1985's Adventures of Hercules in much the same way that Kermit first saw Miss Piggy in 1979's The Muppet Movie!
Margi's Clothes? :(
Clearly Cozzi has seen Clash of the Titans a few times, as evidenced by the "Halo Glow" on Margi (interestingly, it's not a natural effect... all the "gods" had it).
However, Clash of the Titans had Nudity, Adventures of Hercules does not... which is interesting because... Margi's not bashful!
This must be Homer Simpson's favorite Sci Fi Film!
Another thing the "gods" in this movie share is a headquarters that looks just like a Snow Globe with a big, tasty Doughnut suspended in it. I wonder if there's a Coffee mountain close by!
Margi's Graced the COVER of the other one... TOPLESS! :)
Here's an interesting connection... in 1986, Margi Newton's second spread (literally) in Italian Adult Magazine Playmen graced newsstands! (Do I have it? Yep, and the first one, and...)
However, unlike her first appearance, she didn't grace the cover of this issue. That distinction went to Thespian Eva Robbins, who posed topless within the pages of that issue.
The reason Eva only showed the top in this magazine was due to the fact that Eva is a transexual who still has male sexual organs. This led to an interesting costuming choice in Adventures of Hercules!
{"Playmen" (Italy) June 1986, pg. 34-41, by: Franco Marocco, "Gioielli Indiscreti" }
The Great Reveal!
Eva's character of Dedalos unveils the Cup that protects her Manhood, much to the apparent interest of the kneeling King Minos!
You ain't down there to Pray!!!
The dialogue doesn't suggest anything naughty here, but the look on his face sure does. Eva!
Looks like it's about 7:00!
What is that thing, a Sundial?
Eva makes him Glow!
Okay, you win!
To end this on a HOT note, here's the FIRST issue of Playmen that Margi appeared in... and on the cover of!
Yeah, any time I fight with my wife, she just says "Oh, yeah, who spent hundreds of dollars on Italian Erotica?"
I did.
{"Playmen" (Italy) July 1984, pg. 28-35, by: Franco Marocco, "La luce della bellezza"}