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April 01, 2010!
J.C. Mašek III
It's GREEK to me!!!

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Dear Loyal Readers (both of you),

It has recently come to my attention that due to my near-constant assertion that no human being alive can say the words "Greek Horror Movie" without laughing harder than most humans (or even hyenas) will ever laugh even if under the influence of helium-laced nitrous oxide, the ailing government of Greece has used the remaining Euros within their embattled economy to purchase this site out from under my ass just to shame me and turn it into... well... a Horror Movie website... in Greek.


You know... you miss ONE payment to your ISP and a bunch of Gyro lovin'... And after all the nice things I've said about Plato, Aristotle and the Parthenon and all that... you know what? Nevermind!

Anyway, while my Lawyers attempt to sort this out, it looks like this site is going to be GREEK to you! Still, my lead attorney did file an injunction forcing them to allow me to write this note of explanation so that this change wouldnĺt take you all TOO much off guard! (Nikos Stephanopoulos, ESQ., thanks, man! You're one hell of a counselor!)

There's no telling just how long Legal Wrangling of this kind might take, but until this is all resolved (or until I'm forced to register WorldsGreekestCritic.com), please try to enjoy the brand NEW site, currently referred to as "KoouocMeyaAncomKpitikoc "!

It might not have ALL the recognizable flair of the original, but on the bright side, you can catch up on a new language, find all new reasons to use "It's Greek to Me" jokes and you MIGHT even feel compelled to stab an Emperor to Death in the Senate, right?

I mean... Look at the BRIGHT side, right?

Now, if you'll excuse me... I suddenly have an urge for some stuffed grape leaves on the Mediterranean! Huzzah, Yes, Yes!

Click HERE to enter the NEW KoouocMeyaAncomKpitikoc !
Et tu, Brute?

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